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When playing online football betting, players fundamentally make two decisions: which team to bet on and how much money to wager. The following 3 betting strategies from professional bettors will answer these two major questions and provide valuable advice on maintaining a winning mentality to maximize betting profits. Let's dive in.

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Playing football betting without losing with 3 advanced strategies:

Analyzing the odds:
To accurately and effectively analyze football odds, players need to gather and analyze as much information about the upcoming match as possible. The following factors are crucial:
The teams' rankings in reputable international rankings (e.g., FIFA) and the current league standings.
Head-to-head history between the two teams: Do they have a fierce rivalry? Average goals scored per match in previous encounters.
Recent form of both teams: Are they on a winning or losing streak?
The teams' motivation level: Do they need to win or is a draw sufficient?
Fixture congestion: Have the players been participating in multiple competitions in close succession?
Starting lineups: Injury status, suspensions, key player availability for both teams.
Other factors: Media evaluations, football experts' opinions, fan sentiments, weather conditions, political situations between the two countries (especially in Western Asian countries), etc.

Choosing the betting option:
In addition to analyzing public information, the odds provided by online football betting platforms and their fluctuations can reveal the bookmakers' perspectives on the upcoming match. It's important to note that bookmakers have a dedicated team continuously updating the odds, so their assessment is accurate in about 80% of cases.
Strong team playing away, with a handicap of 1/2 to 1 goal: A small handicap suggests a relatively balanced matchup, so choose the underdog.
Both teams in similar form and ability: Choose the away team or bet on a draw.
The handicap decreases to 3/4, but the odds of winning increase before the match: The under option is highly regarded, so choose the under.
The handicap fluctuates in line with the odds: Choose the remaining team.
Typically, if the odds increase, the potential winnings also increase. If the odds decrease, choose the other team.
If the under option scores first: Choose the under.
Asian handicap increases by 1/4 while the European handicap leans toward a draw: Choose the home team.
The European handicap remains stable while the Asian handicap decreases: Choose the away team.
The Asian handicap corresponds to a 1/4 handicap while the European handicap is set at a 1/2 handicap: Choose the away team.

These are general guidelines, and it's essential to adapt them based on individual match circumstances and analysis.

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Psychological Strategies:

Persistence in following the strategy:
Playing sports betting in the short term requires patience. For new players, it takes time to accumulate experience before making successful bets and identifying favorable odds. For experienced players who know how to apply strategies, it is important to persistently adhere to the established strategy.

For example, in the 1-2-3-4 betting strategy mentioned above, if one lacks patience and stops after the first loss in the second round, they would lose 40k. However, if they persist and reach the third round, they would double their profits. And if they continue to the fourth round, they would earn ten times the initial bet.

Not influenced by herd mentality:
Some people, despite having the ability to analyze odds and make accurate predictions, change their decisions at the last minute based on peer influence. This is a common mistake among non-professional bettors in sports betting.
It's important to remember that if everyone wins, the bookmakers would go bankrupt. Therefore, bookmakers always have tactics to mislead inexperienced bettors towards options that are beneficial for them. So, especially in sports betting, following the crowd is the shortest way to lose.

Make rational decisions:
Regardless of the betting method, it is important to analyze the odds and apply specific strategies when choosing a betting option. Avoid emotional betting and refrain from betting on your favorite team. Additionally, be cautious with matches where the odds suddenly change or shift drastically before the game. This could be a trap set by the bookmakers.

Maintain psychological stability and self-control:
Furthermore, it is important to maintain self-control. Don't get greedy when winning or discouraged when losing. It's best to establish a betting plan with expected profit and acceptable loss levels. If the funds reach these levels, whether on a winning or losing streak, it's wise to stop.

Especially when experiencing a losing streak, losing bets continuously (6-8 consecutive losses), it may be due to playing the wrong strategy. In such cases, it is advisable to take a break for a few days to clear the mind and reconsider one's betting approach before making any changes in the next betting session.

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The above are a compilation of strategies and tips for consistently winning in sports betting from experienced bettors. If you find our betting experience reasonable, try applying them and experience the effectiveness yourself. Wishing you success and good luck!

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