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I'll look at the latest gameplay features within FIFA 23
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Autor:  MeadeDorian [ Sa 25. Mär 2023, 02:00 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  I'll look at the latest gameplay features within FIFA 23

Today's deep dive I'll look at the latest gameplay features within FIFA 23 to give my opinions on which have an impact on the game FUT 23 Coins, the influence (negative and positive) they have and whether there's room for improvement. For the full list of the new features, we'll just refer to EA's FIFA 23 site. For grading FIFA 23 we'll employ one of the standard 1-5 rankings, with 5 being a "great improvement" while 1 is "why did EA take the time to even consider adding this feature?" If you'd like to read my analysis of FIFA 23, you can navigate here.

The first item on the agenda today is the vaunted revolutionary Power Shot. This shot type is built heavily on the skill of the shooter, incorporating an opportunity for risk and reward that lets players unleash powerful shot on your opponent's goal.

How to execute Power Shots (LB/L1 + Plus, shoot while manually shooting

When to utilize Power Shots Due to the animation taking quite a bit of time to play therefore, power shots should be employed when there is the time to execute the command. Typically, any shot shot taken within the 18-yard box is blocked if the direction isn't clear, because the trajectory tends to be more flat than high-end shots.

Kudos thanks to EA for bringing us the new shooting feature and especially one that includes the ability to aim manually. Also, to turn off the snarky zoom-in effect that plays out after the shooting power has been activated. Overall, this is an ideal addition to shooting.

Set pieces have long been stale in FIFA in the past. Although free kicks are too rare for my liking, when you do get one, they're a lot more exciting buy FIFA 23 Coins. Additionally, penalties have been simplified to help improve the game. Lastly, corners have not been able to copy the same mechanics as set pieces, they also come with a new camera view.

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