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The final boss of buy Diablo 2 items 2 Resurrected is Baal, the Lord of Destruction, who will be waiting for you at the conclusion of Act 5 of the game.  In order to get to him, you will have to struggle through Act 5, vanquish the Ancients, and then travel down three levels of the Worldstone Keep until you reach the Throne of Destruction, which is where Baal presides over his domain.  This task is made more challenging in Nightmare and Hell difficulties thanks to the inclusion of "guest" monsters in Act 5; these are higher-level versions of foes from earlier Acts, which makes it difficult to predict what you'll face because you never know who or what you'll face.  You simply need to use the Worldstone Keep Level 2 Waypoint, proceed through Level 3, and make your way to the Throne of Destruction to complete the journey to Baal.  Thankfully, this journey does not take a very long time.

[color= rgb(128, 100, 162)]Just like in Diablo, you won't have the honor of taking on the Lord of Destruction himself until you've fought your way through a whole slew of Super Unique enemies first.  The run will proceed more slowly as a result of this, but killing five Super Uniques in rapid succession can net a significant amount of additional loot and experience, so it's not all bad.  However, each of these five foes possesses their own unique protections and legions, which can make matters more difficult:
Colenzo the Annihilator is permanently enchanted with fire and immune to its effects.

Achmel the Cursed is constantly enchanted with poison and is immune to its effects.  Also immune to magic in Hell difficulty.

Always Lightning Enchanted, but has a high resistance to lightning damage despite not having any inherent immunities to speak of.  Bartuc the Bloody.

Ventar the Unholy has always extra speed, a high resistance to poison and fire, and in the Hell difficulty level, he is immune to the effects of poison.

Lister the Tormentor is immune to fire in the Hell difficulty setting, has high resistance to fire, cold, and poison, and always has access to Spectral Hit.

Baal himself can be a frustrating boss to fight due to the fact that he has a powerful attack that deals area of effect damage in all directions, a close range ability that depletes mana, and the ability to stamp into existence a frost wedge that will knock enemies back and potentially hit them multiple times per cast.  Tentacles that he can call forth can inflict damage on players who believe they are particularly astute, even if they are otherwise hidden from view or blocked by obstructions.  Worst of all, he'll be able to teleport around, and he can call forth a clone that possesses the exact same abilities as Baal himself.

Baal has a healthy supply of life, and he has a moderate resistance to the majority of the elements (with the exception of non-elemental magic damage; rejoice, Hammerdins!).  Due to this and the fact that Baal is surrounded by minions, farming him can be a time-consuming endeavor.  If you're playing on higher difficulties, you should probably farm Baal with a group so that you can compensate for each other's weaknesses. . . Unless you are a Lightning Sorceress, Wind Druid, or Summonmancer, you shouldn't have too much trouble with Baal's minions.  However, the enemies you encounter on the way there could be a different story.

Even on the Normal difficulty setting, Baal has a very high Monster Level (mLv), which means that he has the potential to drop mid-tier items such as Titan's Revenge and Skin of the Vipermagi.  However, your chances of getting these items are better with Nightmare Mephisto, and those runs are also faster.  Even more lucrative is Nightmare Baal, as it is one of the first monsters you will come across that has a chance to drop a Harlequin Crest. . .  although, once more, Hell Andariel may be a better and more efficient source to farm.  It is well worth your time to defeat Hell Baal if you, or you and a party, are able to do so in a safe and timely manner.  Hell Baal is capable of dropping any item in the game.

When it comes to the final boss, D2R will not let you down, as this aspect of the gaming experience is essential for a full and satisfying experience.  The end-game boss of this game is called Baal.  After you have vanquished Diablo, his brother, the Lord of Destruction, will show up to assume his position as the Ultimate Prime Evil.  After going through so much in the game, it is finally time for you to take down the final boss and declare victory in this conflict.  So let's take a look at how to defeat the boss Baal in Diablo 2 resurrected items 2 Resurrected in this guide, shall we?

This guide will be broken down into several different parts so that you can gain a better understanding of where you can find Baal and what his attacks and abilities are.  In the end, we will examine his statistics and come up with a plan for how to defeat him.

The Location of Baal in D2R Runewords for sale 2 Resurrected: Where Can I Find It?Act 5 takes place in The Worldstone Chamber, where you can find Baal Through the portal that can be found on the dais of the Throne of Destruction level, you will be able to access this region

In addition to the devastating damage that he can cause with his melee attacks, the Lord of Destruction is also equipped with a number of potent spells.  These are the various spells that Baal employs:

Blood Mana is a type of magic that causes the user's character to lose an amount of health that is proportional to the amount of mana that they expended while casting a spell.  Despite this, the spell can only be cast on characters with a Mana pool larger than their Health pool.

Defense Curse: It causes his opponents' defense to decrease significantly.

Festering Appendage Baal conjures tentacles from deep within the earth to form this appendage.  These tentacles will lash out at any targets that are in close proximity, dealing damage to those targets.

Hoarfrost causes a wave of ice to crash into the players, knocking them back and dealing ice damage to them at the same time.

Launches a nova composed of fireballs with the Incineration Nova ability.

Mana Rift is an attack that, upon making contact with the target, immediately consumes fifty percent of that person's mana and deals some damage to them.  This spell appears to be a flame that is yellow in color and is shot out of a flamethrower.

The Vile Effigy is a clone of Baal that he creates.  This clone is capable of using the same abilities and spells as Baal.

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