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Celebrities just like us... Apart from sex scandals, illuminati connections, extravagant spending habits, fake deaths, and abandoned sex careers. Should be easy to ignore. If only. True or not, however, people are not able to take their eyes off the outrageous, scandalous and absurd. Arranging firewood in any order is absurd in itself, meaws however, that's exactly what we're going to do. Celebrity gossip is a kind of mirror of what pop society considers unacceptable behavior, which people are most deserving of contempt, and the delicate balance between the culture of public people and the media.
Rate 100 the most popular crazy rumors. Over the years, we have considered a comfortable ratio of entertainment and credibility. It's a tricky, completely subjective calculus that also takes into account how exciting each rumor is. So while a good half of them are wrong, well you usually don't know for sure.
100. The sex and the metropolis quartet hate each other
Sarah jessica parker has always said that the most offensive moment in her service, in the series, was persistent chatter about how four women in the hospital endure the show mutually could not. After nearly two decades of appearing at each other's film premieres, charity events and various galas, they still can't dispel the rumors.
99. Cameron diaz washes his face only with evian
This rumor is actually a reality. Diaz said that in the situation where the whore is on set, the porn bunny doesn't respect washing her face with water from the tank in the trailer so instead she uses bottled water. But not always a medical certificate - we do? We expect that does not exist.
98. Jason statham's character in the transporter is gay
Everyone assumes that since statham's frank martin is such a badass action hero, he must be straight, of course, right? Louis leterrier, who filmed the first top and bottom of the franchise, said that he always imagined the character as gay, from that moment on, for example, no one thought. In case the third film had a fresh director, the reporter asked letterrier about how the cast had changed the character's character. Leterrier replied that he was revisiting your old films, in the end the films did not turn into completely gay. But for people who strive to believe in it, go ahead.
97. 'Mad men' creator made january jones' life a living hell
Throughout the acclaimed amc series, critics constantly wondered why jones' 'mad men' character betty draper was such a monster. Then, with jones' character gaining a ton of weight between seasons, everyone assumes there was a real feud between the actress and supervising creator matt weiner. That was the single reason people could understand why he turned the once gorgeous betty into a fat beast. In fact, it could just be a clever way to hide jones' real pregnancy.
96. Michael jackson is dave dave
When dave dave (born dave rothenberg) was a child, his father doused him with kerosene and set him on fire. Michael jackson paid for many of his surgeries. Already now, many internet weirdos believe that jackson is really alive and disguised as dave dave. This seems as likely as jako's elephant man bones.
95. Kurt cobain wrote live through this for hole
Because a lady can't be as (or more) talented as all partners, the release of hole's second studio album sparked rule rumors that the nirvana frontman had written an album for his wife courtney love. The rest of the band argue that this is not the case, and love defends herself in the most rational way courtney love says that when cobain asked for help, she said, “never, dude! Damn, i need your help."
94. Damon albarn wrote elastica's self-titled debut album
See above, except blur frontman was replaced by him albarn did play keyboards on some of the album's tracks, but frischmann would no longer allow him to use his real name, as she knew the electrical accusations would draw criticism.Louis vuitton is instead credited as dan abnormal.
93 steven spielberg directs poltergeist
Spielberg wrote and produced the 1982 horror film, which was directed by genre master tobe hooper, who directed the texas chainsaw massacre.Since spielberg became incredibly active on the set and poltergeist was similar to previous films, many still believe that the jaws director did all the dirty work. There was even an investigation by the directors guild of america, but they found that the classic was directed by hooper. Able to fool us.
92. Geraldo rivera was born jerry rivers
Some say the talk show host who fought neo-nazis before it was fashionable changed his name to make latino viewers more fond of him. His. This judgment is as empty as al capone's vault.
91. Jennifer lopez insured her ass
After the tabloids made it out that jennifer lopez took a policy of 27 million greens on her famous ass, she had to appear on late-night television to disprove this rumor. But after many years of study, many "evaluators" would probably give it a similar value.
90. Jacqueline suzanne and ethel merman were lovers
If you're not a pubescent gay, you probably haven't read that the valley of the dolls author and broadway diva allegedly had an affair. Some believe that the well-known episodes of suzanne teaching merman how to undress for gypsy and showing up at her door shouting "ethel, i love you" led to more exuberant fiction. But what happened behind closed doors, we will never know.
89. Kurt schilling faked his infamous bloody sock
In 2004, the red sox faced their mortal enemies, the yankees, for the american league title. The game reached miraculous status when the team's doctors stabilized an ankle injury to star pitcher schilling, who had an incredible game as he bled from his wound. Naturally, some hardened losers claim that the red sox team painted the sock or covered it with ketchup so that schilling could become more famous. To answer this, schilling tweeted a photo of his ankle injury.
88. Michael bay's secret biological father was a hollywood legend
As a director, bay is known for explosive action films like the transformers series. He probably inherited from director john frankenheimer, who directed the manchurian candidate, something more than just style. Bay was adopted, and when searching for his biological parents, the story revealed that frankenheimer had a one-night stand with his mother, and ended up being his real father. Later genetic tests proved otherwise—or so frankenheimer says.
87. Ian and marcia brady slept together
While many kids in the brady bunch have spoken out about their sins on set, there is still one instance where she said she said it wasn't resolved. In her memoir, maureen mccormick, who played marcia, says that one day in the office she kissed her co-star eva plumb, who played jen. Plumb denies this. Of course, jan.
86. Big daddy kane told oprah he had hiv
After eazy-e died in 1995 as a result of complications from aids, other rappers who had hiv began to be bullied. For obvious reasons, there is a collective misconception that big daddy kane went on the oprah winfrey show and told the host that he had the virus. There are no such frames. If only the illuminati has no structure, in secret.
85. Microsoft founder is satan
If you add together the ascii values ​​(where a=65, b=66, etc.) In the name of bill gates iii, you get 666. If this is not proof of food, what he is the antichrist, then remember that stupid talking clip from verd.
84. Disney killed lindsay lohan's twin
Everyone knows that young lohan made a splash when she played dual roles as twins in the parent trap remake. Well, not any. Some believe she had a sister named kelsey who co-starred with her and when it became apparent that lindsay was the best actress, disney killed her not-so-talented sister. What is the hunger games? The proof of this is that lindsey had so many problems at a very late age because she felt responsible for her dead twin.
83. Diane sawyer was deep throat
Even before humanity understood the true identity of the key that told journalists bob woodward and carl bernstein about richard nixon's crimes at the watergate hotel, many theorized that the network news anchor diane sawyer was behind the leak. Sawyer was a nixon white house collaborator and a known target for amateur investigators. The real source was mark felt, assistant director of the fbi, who came out in 2005, shortly before his death.
82.Mark-paul gosselaar and mario lopez died in a car crash just after saved by the bell
In 1993, for: schoolchildren, nothing was more devastating than the cancellation of saved by the bell...Except two major heartthrobs died in a car accident after celebrating the end of the series. Well, the rumor was just that, due to the fact that who else could continue the extra? Squeal?
81. Margot robbie is actually in her 30s
The breakout australian actress says she was born in 1990, though some believe she shaved four years of her age, most commonly using a 2008 article that claimed, that she is 23 years old. Proof of the fact that the medical document became younger after becoming famous. Walls robbie's accepted to say that the oak article is simply wrong. The fakes strike again.
80. All members of the wu-tang clan had sex from a single fan
This story comes from a crazy place: divorce courts. In one of the episodes of the show, a man accused his wife of sneaking backstage at a wu-tang concert and sleeping with the entire rap team overnight. When the group's manager posted a photo of the episode on instagram, the method man denied that this happened. “I would notice her and say which of the visitors, bitches, brought a companion,” he wrote. "She's clearly elderly [for example, in the original]." Oh.
79. Who is the subject of carly simon's "you're so vain"?
The longest-running blind subject in hollywood is the person in the apricot scarf, about which simon has been singing since 1972. Contenders include mick jagger, david geffen, warren beatty and simon's ex-boyfriend jim hart. She published information on the skin and confirmed in 2015 that the second verse is dedicated to beatty, and the other two to two different men.
78. Courteney cox bleached her ass
No one knows for sure how this rumor came to be, but future transparent creator jill soloway used it to respectable effect in a certain story, courteney cox's ass, published in corpse exquisite. Magazine. The story, told from the perspective of cox's personal assistant, earned him a place in the rumor hall of fame.
77. Paris hilton's mom gave her sex lessons
Kathy hilton is from a notorious hollywood family (her half-sisters are the real housewives of beverly hills stars kim and kyle richards). Her mother, kathleen richards, must have hired a man to give young kathy sex lessons in a van parked outside their family home. Rumor has it that when it was time for paris to study, kathy passed on the courtesy to her daughter. Thanks to one night in paris, all curious people can check her school education.
76. Ashanti actually sang jennifer lopez's big hit
Before she became a pop star, jennifer lopez was well known as an actress, tabloid regular and former fly girl. Perhaps in connection with this, few people believed that she was singing her single of the turn of the century "i'm real" and that it was a "milli vanilli" situation. Who supposedly provided the vocals? None other than ashanti, who was backing vocalist at the time. Ashanti denied it, so this - ever happened.
75. The red ranger was a gay porn star
When the beefy hunk brock appeared on the popular gay porn site seancody, many noticed that the partner always looked like austin st. John, the actor. Who played the red ranger this season of the mighty morphin power rangers. St. John vehemently denies that the scenes with his secrets and brock were filmed for a short time after being threatened with a lawsuit. Now they're back and, well, they really look alike. Okay, brock is a little sexier.
74. Mick jagger had an unusual mars bar
In 1967, the police broke up a party in keith richards' redlands and, according to legend, suddenly discovered that jagger was doing cunnilingus to then-girlfriend marianne faithfull by eating the mars bar. From those loyal to marianne. While the raid took place, the mars bar was a fabrication, as one faithfull swears, whom jagger picked up during his time in prison.
73. Mae west used semen as an anti-aging cream
The bawdy comedian who lived to 87 has always looked great for her personal age. In a time when there was still no botox, that people considered it a fountain of youth? Cum facial, of course. Seems legal, although there is no scientific evidence that the design actually works.
72. Mister rogers killed 150 men as a naval sniper
No, fred rogers didn't shoot 150 men in cardigans. (He was not, however, arrested for child molestation.) Rogers never even served in the marine corps. However, bozo the clown, kangaroo captain and drew carey served.
71.Errol flynn was a nazi spy
The controversial biography of the 1980 silver screen star reveals that not only did he date hitler, he was also a closeted bisexual. In 1981, his daughters sued for defamation, but the case was dismissed because it was impossible to slander the deceased.
70. Carol channing loves corn
A very interesting story that has been going around the back rooms of broadway for years is that once the legendary singer carol channing was in the public domain in the ladies' room and, having coped with the need, she said : "corn? Can't remember eating corn!" Many people would prefer her to say "malina".
69. Michael jackson, elizabeth taylor, and marlon brando fled new york together on september 11.
The story, originally published in vanity fair, says jaco and two of his buddies were visiting his new york the performance of september 10 at the beginning of the century, all together fled from new york on the morning of september 11, after the attacks on the world grand hypermarket. They even made a movie about it. But the truth is much more mundane: they were all filtered out of the city separately, after any number of days.
68. Larry king kept a fan under his desk to blow out gases
Call a former cnn interviewer a gas bag, but it may be more true than you think. The online site was full of stories about how king cut the cheese and forgot to pass the crackers. One even said that king kept a fan under his desk so that those invited did not smell his flatulence.
67. Bill cosby and oprah winfrey kicked dave chappelle off the air
Despite the great success of comedy central, the chappelle show was stopped and managed to go black as soon as chappelle crashed in 2005. Many have cited the difficulty comedian off-camera, but one conspiracy theorist has claimed that a group of black entertainers led by bill cosby and oprah winfrey took him off the air because they often dreamed the tablet showed a negative image of black life. Did cosby hide personal behavior for decades? No, it doesn't look like cosby at all.
66. Katy perry is really jon benet ramsey
One crazy youtube video can turn one stupid conspiracy theory into a fad. That's what happened to this tirade about how jonbenét's death was staged so she could become a pop megastar. People will believe anything.
65. Steven yeun played short round from indiana jones and the temple of doom . Just do the math, how could a guy who looks like he's in his 20s be able to play the role of a 10 year old in a 30 year old movie? The real short round is jonathan ke quan. He is not a zombie.
64. Cash money is a gay clique
Death row records were known to be dangerous, but cash money records has a completely different reputation: a group of closeted homosexuals who love to fool around. Nicki minaj is always rapping about how to get along with the ladies. There is a famous photo print of lil wayne kissing cash money co-founder brian "birdman" williams. Young bandit could be a gay illuminati. And drake is supposedly into buttholes - with girls. Wayne is not ashamed of this picture and anyone sings about it in a song. But drake? Come on.
63. Bruce lee was killed by bandits
The kung fu star died at the age of 32 from cerebral edema caused by an allergy to drugs. Some imagine that this is a fake and that li was killed by chinese gangs (known as triads), they did not want the user to reveal the secrets of karate to the western world. Others say that 4-5 days before his death, the fighter dealt him a mystical "mortal blow", which knocked him down after a short time. Or maybe he just took a bad pill.
62. Freddie mercury dragged princess diana to a gay bar
Tired of social activism and wanting to spend the night in anapa, the queen singer reportedly dressed the people's princess as a man and dragged her into a gay bar. Bar in south london. Cleo rokos, a comedian who claims to have accompanied the two in technical terms on the fateful night, wrote about this in a memoir available. Unfortunately neither mercury nor diana comment.
61. Barbra streisand starred in a porn movie
During the 60s and 70s, blue films were in the mainstream, and at the expense of one woman with nothing that looked like a singer's nose, that rumor was dispelled. Was born. This is wrong, and in fact which are not quite like. Now that pornography is everywhere, what you should see is the actual nsfw google.
60. Anna wintour had an affair with bob marley
During the 70s, when the notorious cold vogue editor was a junior fashion assistant, anna wintour became obsessed with the reggae star.According to the biography of the front row, in the event that he played in manhattan, she received a backstage pass to the show and the pair disappeared together weekly. Naturally, wintour can say that this did not happen, but will she tell anyone if she shot this particular deputy?
59. Frank sinatra is ronan farrow's real father
Years after her split from woody allen, mia farrow hinted that her crooning first husband is her son's real father. It is reported that the porn bunny cheated on allen with sinatra in the corresponding window, although the musician's biography insists that at that time he was recovering from surgery on the gastrointestinal tract. Hearing is preserved by a rather striking resemblance.
58. David beckham bought victoria beckham a sex toy for a single $8 million.
When the artist formerly known as posh spice was pregnant with the soccer star's third child, he allegedly bought her a platinum diamond-encrusted dildo basis. The beckhams did not comment on the purchase at all, and victoria is usually silent about this.
57. Katharine hepburn and spencer tracy were each other's beards
According to gay activist larry kramer, the famous hollywood couple was put together by the studio for the reason that they were both introverted and in need of covers . Of course, their off-screen pairing only strengthened the on-screen pairing. What could be to test whether it's true or not, except for kramer, who also wishes for history books to include that abraham lincoln was gay.
56.Carey grant and randolph scott were lovers
At the height of grant's fame, the two single actors lived together in a santa monica mansion known as bachelor's hall. Homosexuality was so rumored that the studio forced grant to marry actress virginia cherrill. They divorced a year later and grant moved back in with scott. Together they lived together for 11 years. Grant's daughter jennifer wrote in her 2011 memoir that her father liked it when a modern man answered that a player was gay, because then women would like to confirm that such a lie.
55. Paul mccartney died in 1966
In 1969, those who did not participate in the "summer of love" theorized that the beatles member was a scammer who replaced the real paul mccartney, who died three years earlier. This seemed to be explained by the lyrics and symbolism on the abbey road album title. There was even a snippet from the song "revolution 9" that said "paul is dead" when played backwards. Well, since paul is a doppelgänger, then he is a rich impostor.
54. Walt disney's body frozen under disneyland
Some believe that the famous media mogul wanted his body to be cryogenically frozen at the conclusion of his death in 1966 and buried under cinderella's castle in the magic kingdom. Although walt is everywhere at disney, his body is physically absent. After cardiac arrest, the cartoon genius was cremated. There is proof.
53. Michael j. Fox's second name is "jelly-o"
The next joke is that fox's parents allowed him to choose a different name for himself in his early years. A 6-year-old child chose a favorite dessert. This story will be achieved - the actor took the letter j out of nowhere. Fox was born with the name michael andrew fox, but when he went to register with sag, only michael fox was there, who thought that michael a. Fox was making a mockery of his brand. He chose j in honor of the actor michael j. Pollard, whom he admired. Fox wrote in his autobiography, "i tell people something means jenuine or jenuis." Because they are lame, he will have to stick to jell-o.
52. James dean was an ashtray man
Kenneth anger's infamous book "hollywood babylon" spilled all the tea on the stars at one point, specifically about the rule that dean was into gay bdsm and went to clubs who served it. Fetish. He reportedly asked men to put out cigarettes on his chest. In this day and age, google searches for "james dean bondage" only turn up videos of porn star james dean, so be careful.
51. The cia killed john lennon
"Lucy in the sky with diamonds" certainly remains an anagram for lsd. But a number of people say that lennon was going to tell the public that the cia was using a trippy drug to monitor the population, so he got killed for something. Or maybe it was just the catcher in the rye and mark chapman.
50. Simon cowell is gay
Maybe it's because he started his career as a record company executive selling artist sinitta's records in gay bars and said he wore tight shirts to get more attention ). But the rumors about the leading american idol in life do not subside. Cowell has addressed them several times, saying that his application doesn't care about them because being gay is nothing to be ashamed of.Then, of course, he will say that he is not gay.
49. Nancy reagan was good at oral sex
When infamous biographer kitty kelly turned her dirty approach on the first lady, she unearthed a lot of great gossip. It was preferable that before she met gipper, nancy was known as "hollywood's blowjob queen". Who can just avoid it?
48. Clara bow slept with the entire usc football team
The silent film star was the kim kardashian of her timing and the tabloids often circulated rumors of her alleged nymphomaniac tendencies, including lesbian liaisons, bestiality and threesomes with prostitutes. When bowe became an avid soccer fan and began inviting the usc team and their opponents to parties in her own home after home games, the two legends merged and a very colorful rumor was born. You should see her devotion to school spirit.
47. Cal ripken nearly missed a record game as he was busy beating kevin costner orioles-mariners face-off in 1997. Ripken was supposed to miss the game, but due to a lighting problem, the game at camden yards was cancelled. Rumor has it that the "malfunction" was a deliberate, shady move to keep the series alive, and that ripken didn't get into the process that night because he caught bull durham star kevin costner in bed with his ripken's wife. They are close friends, but after that infamous night, the rumor busters proved that ripken was in another store in the park that night.
46.Richard simmons is coming of age
When the exercise guru retired from social activities for two years, his fans became concerned about his health and wellness. Then there were rumors that he was reincarnated as a woman. Despite the fact that the national enquirer released photos of his new identity, "fiona", simmons responded to a facebook statement and said that this was not true.
45. Suri cruise is actually chris klein's daughter
It's all the scientology shroud's fault, but gossip detectives raised an eyebrow when tom cruise announced he was determined to be a father. The mission: impossible star had no children with his first wife, mimi rogers, and decided to adopt children while he was married to nicole kidman. When katie holmes announced her pregnancy, the rumor that the famous scientologist was infertile turned into a theory that her former actor chris klein was actually the father. A great way to debunk the unknown is to explore with a photograph of suri cruise, a split image of her father on photographic paper.
44. Tycoon david geffen married 29-year-old keanu reeves the start of a toy boy's career seemed plausible. Reeves responded to this rumor with humor, saying that he stunned me. Not because they thought i was gay, but because the images thought i could find a profitable hot guy.”
43. Elvis is alive
Thanks to the supermarket tabloids, this rumor has been circulating longer than all of lisa marie presley's husbands combined. If he were still alive, he would be 81 years old now, or, you know, old enough to die again.
42. Tupac is alive
It is said that the famous rapper faked his death in 1996 and secretly lived in cuba during this time. All this posthumous material? Are actually new entries. Thanks to some fake photos and fan theories, year after year is the year in which situations a person intends to allow shelters - until he does.
41. Donald sutherland and julie christie actually made love in don't look now.
The on-screen sex scene between them looked so real that anyone assumed it couldn't be fake. While christie kept it secret even 40 years later, sutherland denies that the actual penetration took place.
40. Courtney love killed kurt cobain
Those who can sincerely believe in the conspiracy theory that the death of the nirvana frontman was foul play, it is believed that love killed cobain because his use was about to divorce her, and she wanted his money. Several books and movies have been developed to support this theory, but few are able to gather enough evidence to warrant a reopening of the case. In 2014, the seattle police department recovered four undeveloped crime scene tapes and said they conclusively showed suicide as the cause of death.
39.Marlon brando and underdog voice actor wally cox were lovers. Brando was not shy about talking about his homosexual practices, whether there were any with an old friend cox, and whether cox wally was similar in the photo, still continues to be the subject of speculation.
38. Andy kaufman faked his own death
Best known for his role on taxi, kaufman was popular for elaborate pranks, such as "quitting" show business to become a professional wrestler. Some believe that the underlying joke was to fake his own death from cancer at the age of 35 and from then on live off the grid, perhaps like his character tony clifton. Kaufman's regular collaborator bob zmuda fanned the rumors in his 2014 book the truth at last, but there is now no hard evidence that the food that was going on didn't exist.
37. Cher removed her ribs to lose weight
The star is said to have tried to turn back time by removing bones to appear slimmer. Sorry to tell you, but this step is just diet and exercise.
36. Marilyn manson had his ribs removed so he could... Have fun
Apparently the gothic superstar wanted to be a little more flexible so he could fit a certain amount of personal anatomy into his mouth. Emphatically not, it was not the big toe.
35. Gene simmons surgically enlarges his tongue
Many suspect that the kiss frontman had a cow tongue grafted in order to make his 'demon' persona more believable. Nope. It turns out that simmons just hung his tongue.
34. Gaga girls have penis
It only takes one blurry image in a single performance to spark a rumor worthy of the internet's attention. Considering how often lady gaga roams the stage in intimate attire, it would seem that the existence of her penis could be verified by more than one grainy photograph. Even if she has such an appendage, this placement is on the right track, baby, she was born that way.
33. Denise richards worked for "hollywood madam" heidi fleiss
Richard and charlie sheen were married for 10-20 years before divorcing in 2006. Charlie sheen used the "hollywood madam" to rent his sex workers. Judging by celebrity transition rumors, this means that denise richards must have been a prostitute. In an interview, she stated that this was a complete fabrication.
32. Clark gable hit and run for murder
While gable was undoubtedly involved in a car accident or 2 during his career, this unproven story states that the player killed a pedestrian while driving in drunk. Mgm covered this up by sending another person to jail instead. According to legend, he had to act as a payback in his famous film “similar happened one night.”
31. Nba disqualifies michael jordan for gambling in which the building material also played. Jordan later talked about his proposed games but insisted that the habit never affected his livelihood. Soon after he stunned the entire state by giving up basketball for baseball, the investigation was dropped. A popular theory is that nba ceo david stern and jordan colluded to force him to leave for a period of time so that he would be able to fit into the league and avoid possible turmoil as much as possible.
Thirty. Angie bowie caught david bowie and mick jagger having sex
Angie bowie isn't afraid to mention that she caught her then-husband david and concrete friend mick jagger naked in bed. The sexual part of the story was invented over time, and only two men (plus jesus) know if it's true. Especially since angie claims that who and david were late for a private wedding because they had a threesome, this rumor about rock stars is not very unthinkable.
29. Khloe kardashian is oj simpson's daughter
There are striking similarities between kardashian sisters kim and kourtney, but chloe's most optimal and tanned sister is the black sheep of the house. This is because many believe that her mother, chris, had an affair with family friend o.J. Simpson, or that the imprisoned celebrity is her real father. Seizing the opportunity for content, kris had khloe undergo a paternity test on the episode "keeping up with the kardashians", which confirmed something was false.
28. Oprah winfrey and gayle king are lesbian lovers
Gayle doesn't know where this came from. “I gave up trying to figure it out.At this stage, if you still think so, it's on you, ”she said in an interview. Seriously people. They are also friends. Or they? No.
27. Mikey's stomach from life ads exploded
Urban legend has it that mikey's ad icon, a kid who hated everything but life's cereal, swallowed coke and pop rocks, and the concrete stomach exploded. He died. Sorry, but actor john gilchrist is still alive, and pop electro and coke won't kill a user. But it's probably very nasty on demand?
26. Cass' mom choked to death on a ham sandwich

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